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UPI PIN is a 4-6 digit security code mainly used for UPI enabled transactions. UPI PIN is entirly different from MPIN and ATM PIN. Some users try to put UPI PIN same as MPIN or even same as ATM PIN. By keeping different code for UPI PIN, MPIN and ATM PIN, security will be improved.

UPI PIN is not sharable. Never ever try to give your UPI PIN to anybody else. Importance of UPI Transaction is that user can request money from any other UPI enabled user.

Whether it is a Request or Paying to anybody, if user is typing UPI PIN, then money will be debited from the sender's bank account. So beware of before typing UPI PIN.

Apart from that UPI ID and UPI Transaction ID, both are sharable. But UPI PIN is not sharable. After doing UPI Transaction, user can check the receipt for UPI Transaction ID. UPI user can send this UPI Transaction ID to the recipient for checking whether the amount get credited or not.

MPIN is a 6 digit security code used in banking application for opening the banking apps or while doing NEFT or IMPS transaction. From banking Apps, user can do UPI transaction also. For UPI Transaction, user have to use UPI PIN. But for doing any transaction apart from UPI, user have to use MPIN.

If MPIN is not set, then banking apps can be opended by using user id and password. Also NEFT and IMPS transaction can be done using OTP verification on the registered mobile number if MPIN is not set.

ATM PIN is 4 digit security code used for withdrawing money from ATM center or POS or from any other Merchent. Never make ATM PIN same as MPIN and UPI PIN. Always try to keep them different.

It would really enhance the security of your transaction. If you have any doubt, please write comments on following YouTube Video UPI PIN vs MPIN vs ATM PIN