SBI YONO CASH - How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without ATM Card

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Using SBI YONO CASH Facility, without using ATM Card, Money can be withdrawn from SBI ATM. For this facility, SBI ATM should be enabled with YONO CASH facility. YONO CASH withdrawal is highly secure because of two level of pin verification which needs to be entered while taking money from ATM center.

First of all SBI user have to use YONO SBI APP to do this Card less transaction. Inside YONO APP, select YONO CASH. There user have to set PIN for transaction which will be used during Cash withdrawal from ATM. Next user have to select the account from which money have to withdrawn and how much needs to be withdrawn should be specified.

After that a Transaction Number will be sent to SBI User's registered mobile number. This Transaction Number should also be used for taking money from ATM center. While doing YONO CASH Transaction, just remember three things.

1. Verification PIN Created By the YONO User for YONO CASH Withdrawal.

2. Amount specified on the YONO App should be same as entering on ATM machine.

3. YONO user will receive a SMS on registered mobile number. It should be entered on ATM machine.

Follow above steps, it gives high security while doing YONO CASH Withdrawal Process. For more detail live withdrawal of money using YONO CASH, watch video on following link

YONO CASH Withdrawal Process Video