How To Delete Google Pay Transaction History

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If user wants to remove transaction history on Google Pay, then as per the discussion with Google Pay support team, there is no further method to delete transaction history.

User can only close the current Google Pay Account from mobile phone and then login with a new email. By doing this way, login with a new email, the old transaction history will be removed. In another way, user will get a new fresh Google Pay interface.

All steps are explained on the above video. Video link is How To Delete Google Pay Transaction History

On Internet, so many other videos are avialble, where it demonstrates How To Clear Transaction History on Google Pay. By just adding a new account on Google Pay is the only option where user gets a new interface as a fresh installation, other than this option, there is no other methods are available.

Basically it is not allowed to delete transaction history on Google Pay. If you have any suggestion, please comment on the above YouTube Video.