Change 4 Digit UPI PIN To 6 Digit UPI PIN - Reset UPI PIN of Google Pay

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UPI PIN is a 4-6-digit number that is used for approving any transaction that is done through UPI. Some banks provide 6 digit UPI PIN and some banks provide 4 digit UPI PIN. UPI PIN should not be shared with any other because by using UPI PIN, user can do money transaction from linked banks on UPI Application.

For changing UPI PIN from 4 digit to 6 digit just try to follow below steps and check whether it is sucessful or not.

Open Google Pay, and change UPI PIN from 4 digit to 6 digit. For this on Google Pay, user have to select Profile Icon and then select Banks Added on Settings. Inside each Bank there is an option for changing or Resetting UPI PIN. Using this steps user can set UPI PIN to 6 digit.

After that on PhonePe or Paytm or any other UPI Apps, just delink that particular bank And then again try to relink the same bank to the same UPI App.

Now changed 6 digit UPI PIN on Google Pay will be reflected on all UPI Apps where this relink process is done. Yes Relinking same bank is required on all UPI Apps for this to reflect.

Just try these steps whether it was sucessful or not. Comment on following YouTube Video whether above steps made any changes or How was your experience.
Change 4 Digit To 6 Digit UPI PIN