Forgot/Change/Reset Google Pay UPI PIN

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If you have fotgot UPI PIN of Google Pay or wanst to reset or change UPI PIN of Google Pay, then follow these steps properly. Just Open Google Pay and if you click on your Profile icon, then you can see a new page where you can update your Payment Methods.

Under Payment Methods, select your bank of which you wants to change the UPI PIN. Now it is very simple, just navigate to Change UPI PIN if you wants to Change your UPI PIN. If you wants to Recover or Reset your UPI PIN, then just navigate to Forgot UPI PIN.

All you may needs to provide your Card Information for doing this. By this way you can Change Google Pay UPI PIN. Or even better if you have Forgot, then you can Recover your Google Pay UPI PIN.

For more detail about How To Change or Reset Google Pay UPI PIN, watch video on following link

Forgot / Change / Reset Google Pay UPI PIN Video